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Productos nuevos Catrice Otoño 2014

¡¡Hola chicas!!

Seguimos con las entradas de novedades que llegarán en otoño, y en este caso os enseñaré las de Catrice.

Os voy a separar los productos en ojos, labios, rostro, uñas y accessorios.



Lash Couture Pestañas Exterior Ojo
Lash Couture Natural Definition Lashes
Lash Couture Smokey Eyes Volume Lashes
Lash Couture Natural Volume Lashes
Pegamento Pestañas Postizas

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow:
100 What Do You Sea?
110 Underworld Evobluetion

Paleta de Sombras Absolute Matt: 
010 Eyes Wide Matt

Sombra ojos Absolute Mono:
780 My Name is P'Earl
790 I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night
800 Blues Almighty
810 Petrolling Stones
820 Lilac Maniac
830 The Great Goldsby
840 Barbie Meets Metallica

Velvet Matt Eyeshadow:
010 Vanillaty Fair
020 Pink-Up Girls
030 Jump Up And Brown...
040 Al Burgundy
050 Welcome To Greysland!
060 Moss Wanted Colour

Eyeliner Calligraph Ultra Fino Resistente al Agua:
010 Black is Black

Eyeliner Multi Style Mate:
010 Black

Gel Eyeliner Waterproof:
010 Black Jack with Jack Black

Cake Eyeliner:
010 Black is Black

Kohl Kajal: 
190 Cleopetrol

Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil:
010 Blackstage
020 Blingo Starr
030 You're So Gold Fashioned!
040 Leaf The World Behind
050 Hazel The Hoff
060 Lilac is Back In Nearly Black
070 Dancing Green
080 Oceans Revobluetion

Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof:
110 Rendez-blue

Absolute Colour Lash & Hair Mascara:
010 Good Li'Luck
020 Bluenos Aires
030 Petroller Coaster Ride

Lash Boost Volumizing & Lengthening Lash:
010 Ivory

Lash Boost Lash Extension Fibres

Eyeconic Eye Opening Mascara:
010 Black

Eyeconic Eye Opening Waterproof Mascara:
010 Black

Lash Extension Volume Mascara:
010 Black

Lash Extension Volume Mascara Waterproof:
010 Black

Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volum Mascara Waterproof:
010 Black

Lash Boost Lash Growth Overnight Serum:
010 Transparent

Fixing Brow Wax

Eyebrow Filler-Perfecting & Sharping Gel:

Longlasting Brow Definer:
010 James Blond
020 flASHy Brows
030 Chocolate Brow'nie


Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish:
070 Red-Volution

Barra de Labios Ultimate Stay:
010 Goldy Brown
020 All That She Wants
030 Wood You Love Me
040 NUDEtrition
050 Mauve Your Lips
060 Floral Coral
070 Plum & Base
080 PassionRed
090 IrrCORALbly Pink
100 Red Red Shine
110 Red Shine Story
120 Looks Like Coral!

Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm:
090 Feels Like Silk

Pure Shine Tinted Lip Balm:
010 Coral Me, Baby!
020 Life Is A Chocolate
030 Lady In Red
040 Dear Berry,...

Bálsamo Tinted Lip Glow

Ultimate Colour Lipstick:
350 MATTador
360 MATTraction
370 In A Rosegarden

Ultimate Shine Lipstick:
290 Chestnut Tree
300 Pink A Berry

Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour:
090 Better Than Nude
100 Sweet Macaron

Beautifying Lip Smoother:
010 Sweet Caramel
020 Apricot Cream
030 Cake Pop

Infinite Shine Lip Gloss: 
170 Peach Paradise

Vitamin Lip Treatment:
010 Innocent Rose

Volumizing Lip Booster

Longlasting Lip Pencil:
150 Vintage Rose
160 Sweet Nothing

Ultimate Stay Lip Liner:
010 Red Cadillac
020 Relight My Fire
030 Boysenberry
040 Love The Way You Plum
050 Rosy Rose
060 Marry Me, Raspberry!
070 Rosy Brown
080 Mauve Me, Tender!
090 Holly Rose Wood


All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder:
027 Rosy Beige
025 Sand Beige

Colour Correcting Mattfying Powder:
010 Delicate Blossom

Velvet Finish Powder:
010 Light Velvet
020 Natural Velvet
030 Sand Velvet
040 Honey Velvet

Bronzing Highlighter Pen

Sun Glow Shimmering Brozing Powder:
020 Shimmering Hazel

Defining Blush:
015 Pink Charming
025 Pink feat. Coral
035 Robin Wood
090 Mandy-rine

Illuminating Blush:
010 I Am Nuts About You
020 Coral Me Maybe
030 Kiss me Ken

Camouflage Cream:
025 Rosy Sand

Photo Finish Concealer:
010 Sand Beige
020 Rosy Beige
011 Light Beige

Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer:
005 Light Nude

Velvet Finish Concealer:
010 Velvet Ivory
020 Velvet Rose
030 Velvet Beige

Coverstick Concealer:
005 Light Beige

Illuminating Highlighter Pen

All Matt Plus Shine Control Make Up:
015 Vanilla Beige


Nude Illusion Make Up:
010 Nude Ivory
020 Rose Vanilla
030 Nude Beige
040 Medium Beige
025 Nude Sand


Velvet Finish Foundation:
010 Light Velvet
020 Natural Velvet
030 Sand Velvet
040 Honey Velvet

3 in 1 Skin Tone Adapting Make Up:
010 Lighter Skin
020 Medium Skin

Instant Eye Brightener:

Prime And Fine Anti-red Coverstick:
010 Green

Prime And Fine Healthy Look Primer


Colour Brightening Base Coat:
01 On Top Of The Alpes

Ombre Top Coat:
01 Colour of Change


Million Styles Effect Top Coat:
01 Godfather of Pearl
02 ¿Holo, Que Tal?
03 Have An Ice Day
04 Retum Of Space Cowboys

Luxury Lacquers:
01 Champaign
02 Mrs. Boombastic
03 My Satin Ballet Shoes
04 Pink Charming
05 I'm Legend-Berry
06 LilacLike
07 Be My Mermaid
08 Thunder From Down Under

Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance:
01 It's Showtime
02 Blue Skyfall
03 Let's Get Lost In Vegas
04 Lost'N Roses
05 Plum Fiction
06 Bronze Upon A Time
07 Stars & Stories
08 My Big Green Wedding

Ultimate Nail Lacquer:
59 First Class Up-Grape
60 Out Of The Dark
61 Greige! The New Beige
62 Must-Have STEELetto
63 Mint The Gap
64 It's Time For Lovender
65 Be My Violetine
66 Blue And A Half Men
67 Greyday, Greyday!
68 Peaches & Cream
69 Chilli Mahoney
70 Calling Mr. Brown
71 CadiLILAC
72 Auber-Genious
73 Uptown Pearl
74 FuchsCIA
75 Khaki Perry's Firework
76 C U At Limesquare
77 Mrs. Flashdance
78 Emerald Bay


Aplicador de pestañas

Kabuki Brush

Brocha para base de maquillaje

Esponja de maquillaje

Láminas Anti-brillos

Pincel Corrector

Pincel Para Eyeliner Dúo

Pincel para sombras Dúo 

Styler para cejas 2 en 1

Y hasta aquí todas las novedades de Catrice para esta temporada de Otoño.

Yo ya tengo unas cuantas cosas en mi wishlist, como: el Beautifying Lip Smoother en "030 Cake Pop" (que tiene pinta de ser un clon a los de Clarins), la cera fijadora de cejas, el cake eyeliner, la sombra Velvet Matt Eyeshadow en "040 Al Burgundy" y "050 Welcome to Greysland", y el Illuminating Blush en "020 Coral Me Maybe".

¿Vosotras ya tenéis también alguna cosa en vuestra wishlist al ver todas estas novedades? ¿Hay alguna cosa que os llame mucho la atención? ¿O que queréis que pruebe y os haga un review?

Besitos y hasta pronto =)  ♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. Pues si que pintan bien las novedades de esta marca^^
    Un saludo

  2. Hola! soy nueva seguidora (quedateenminube)
    Cuantas cosas bonitas!
    Saludos, :))

  3. Los labiales me pierden por completo, menudas preciosidades. Besos


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